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Kovay Gardens reviews from members often provide excellent advice on vacation destinations and activities to do once you get there. In many Kovay Gardens reviews, members suggest that diving can be the perfect way to enjoy warm tropical waters. It’s an underwater realm waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. All close by at our concierge desk how to book your scuba or snorkeling adventure

A facemask, a pair of snorkel fins, and an adventurous spirit keep you moving, but there are a few things that you need to consider before you start. If you are diving for the first time in an area, always follow the instructions of local, experienced, and certified diver instructors.

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The Bucerias Bay is clear and has a high visibility rate, which is why many Kovay Gardens members enjoy diving there.

Kovay Gardens Reviews Suggest You Take The Plunge

Choosing the suitable mask is also essential, as there are several types and sizes to choose from, according to many Kovay Gardens reviews. Before embarking on any diving adventure, ensuring your mask fits your face correctly and creates a tight seal is crucial. Many experienced divers travel with masks.

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A low-volume, comfortable mask is ideal during free-diving adventures. Low volume refers to how much air the facemask can hold. Since free divers dive to great depths, which increases water pressure and requires them to expel air, low-volume masks are more comfortable.

Water pressure is always a concern for first-time divers, so Kovay Gardens members recommend clearing their ears early and often. Divers must clear their ears of pressure early to prevent damage to their eardrums. It is also advisable for all divers to undergo extensive training before they begin diving, as this will maximize their comfort once they are underwater with all of their SCUBA equipment.

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Members of Kovay Gardens also recommend divers choose the right fins. For example, traditional scuba diving fins are only sometimes appropriate for their first dive excursion. While stiff fins will help you deliver more speed and power, flexible fins may slow you down but will keep you comfortable for long swimming sessions.

As stated, most Kovay Gardens reviews reveal that proper training and guidance are always necessary before getting in the water. Having an experienced and certified instructor who can teach you how to dive safely is also crucial, so research and hire someone with experience. Again, all at your friendly concierge at the front desk.

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